My name is Chris Visser and I like stories.

This is my personal blog, so you’re going to find stories I have written, found and my thoughts on storytelling. I am also passionate about other people’s stories and how they experience and touch the world in their own way.

Technology has changed how we tell our stories and has evolved by leaps and bounds over the years. Is allows us to connect to others in ways we never thought possible and will continue to evolve in ways we never saw coming.

What is your story? And how are you planning to tell it?

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa and still live there. Blessed with grandparents who loved to travel, I got to see quite a bit of my home country and its diversity.

A born geek, I am passionate about learning and understanding a myriad of things; from food to building technological solutions to people’s problems. Every new path leads to new ideas and each new idea, shapes the my hopes, dreams and eventual goals.

On this blog I hope to share ideas and stories that touched me and technologies that bring people closer together. In sharing these stories and ideas, I hope to meet others who share my passion for learning and growing. I hope to hear your stories, your ideas and the things that gets your heart racing.

Will you share your story with me?